What is a webdesigner ?

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Webdesigner’s job

Webdesigner’s job is to capture the attention of the web user. Her mission is to create the digital identity, the brand image, of his/her clients, as well as her visual identity.

A webdesigner creates and designs the graphic charter (fonts, colours …) of a company and creates websites. To do this, he must understand the company’s needs (in the first instance). For example, he will have to determine if a showcase site is sufficient or if other functionalities need to be added such as an E-commerce site.

To design these navigation interfaces, the webdesigner creates a mock-up of the website. He plans the tree structure of the website, as well as its functional ergonomics, so that the user experience is as pleasant as possible.

His work is also very artistic since it is up to him to provide the visual and sound animations for example, the layout, the graphic elements available on this website.

A webdesigner is often required to work with web developers and web designers. He or she will have to know how to follow a set of specifications and provide the mock-ups to the people working with him or her.

ray chaldrin métiers webdesigner freelance web design

The skills and qualities of freelance webdesigner

1) Design

Above all, the activity of webdesigner uses design (an often underestimated skill) is, however, the core competence.

What is Design ?

Design is the elaboration of a project that :

– perfectly meets the needs of the end user,
– employs innovative techniques,
– combines contemporary aesthetics and ergonomics.

A webdesigner is perfectly familiar with the web component and the general principles of design.

What is it for ?

Design helps to find the right balance between aesthetics and ergonomics.

ray chaldrin métiers webdesigner freelance design web design

2) Creativity and graphic design

Webdesigner must implement his ideas by creating adapted content, while respecting technical constraints. This is the real guarantor of a website’s graphic design.

What is creativity and graphic design ?

One of the (indispensable) skills of the webdesigner is graphic creativity.

It involves :

– Having some drawing skills (creation of logos, models,…),
– To arrange the graphic elements in a relevant and harmonious way,
– Knowing how to transform concepts into images,
– Creating meaning and conveying messages.

What is it for ?

Webdesign is mainly about visual results and a way to stand out from the competition with a personal touch.

ray chaldrin métiers webdesigner freelance creation graphique

3) Image editing software

Having a solid base in image retouching and vectorial creation by mastering software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator,… is another of the (indispensable) skills of the webdesigner.

What is image editing software?

Webdesigner must master one or more retouching and graphic design software, including one of the most famous : Adobe Photoshop.

These tools will make it possible to :

– transform the images so that they integrate aesthetically into the sites,
– cropping, reducing and optimising images,
– prepare site models.  

What is it for ?

Mastery of these tools will allow the graphic ideas to be perfectly translated on screen (essential for presenting the work to the client and for preparing the integration phase as well as possible).

ray chaldrin métiers webdesigner freelance retouche images

5) Vector Graphics Editor

A vectorial drawing is a digital image composed of geometric shapes and objects that is defined by different attributes such as colour, position, fill, etc.

What is vector Graphics Editor ?

Vector drawing will allow you to create images and graphic elements to be integrated into your site, such as : 

– logos,
– icons,
– pictograms,
– clickable buttons,
– banners, etc.

(by using another known and recognised software : Adobe Illustrator).

What is it for ?

Thanks to vector drawing, I can create original elements to be integrated into your models.

ray chaldrin métiers webdesigner freelance adobe illustrator

6) WordPress and other CMS

WordPress is the most popular open-source CMS (Content Management System) in the world and in France. 

What is a CMS ?

The CMS makes it possible to create dynamic sites and above all to gain in reactivity by distributing content very quickly.

It is through it that the creation, the online publishing and the updating of : 

– texts,
– images,
– videos,
– other sound, visual and/or interactive components of a website.

The CMS also allows you to manage the account systems (administrator, editor, user…) and e-commerce systems, as well as most of the technical functionalities and visual options.

There are many others such as  Drupal, Joomla, Squarespace, Magento, Prestashop, Shopify, etc.

What is it for ?

CMS will allow you to provide realistic projects and even save time by choosing the appropriate graphic options.

ray chaldrin métiers webdesigner freelance cms wordpress joomla magento drupal
ray chaldrin métiers webdesigner freelance cms wordpress joomla magento drupal

7) HTML/CSS, PHP and Javascript

HTML (HyperText Markup Language), is a web programming language that allows you to add content to a web page and is the basis for creating a website. The formatting of a web page, or the addition of style will depend on another language which is CSS or “CSS style” (Cascading Style Sheets).

What are programming languages ?

(HTML) Languages  and (CSS)  style sheets define the visual rendering and layout of a website. These languages tell the browser how to display a web page, according to what has been imagined by the web designer.

PHP and Javascript are programming languages. Unlike HTML and CSS, they allow complex actions such as : 

– The creation of a user account,
– The complex display of dynamic elements,
– Shopping basket management,
– The generation of a web page on the fly,
– Any complex interaction between the user and the site’s database,
– etc.

What is it for ?

HTML/CSS allows you to create customised designs and do what the CMS cannot offer.

PHP/Javascript allow you to integrate pieces of code in the right places in order to unblock critical situations.

ray chaldrin métiers webdesigner freelance cms css php javascript

8) Rigour, responsiveness and precision

Webdesign requires the 3 qualities below (according to my experience) : 

– Rigour,
– Reactivity,
– Precision.

Qualities that essentially consist in making a perfectly finished and fully functional product. At every stage of the creative process, every detail is important. 

«Webdesign is a field where perfection (excellence) is indispensable, even obligatory.»

Each stage of the development of a website is meticulously analysed and developed in order to deliver work of impeccable quality.

Everything is thought out so that the elements that make it up can work together or separately. 


Webdesigner’s job requires a high level of knowledge, interpersonal skills and know-how. The webdesigner must be complete and perfectly equipped to meet the needs of his clients.

Among the skills and (indispensable) qualities of a good webdesigner, I would mention those concerning graphic design (creativity, reactivity, rigour, precision, imagination, image retouching, vectorial drawings, creation of mock-ups, etc.) and the almost perfect knowledge of a CMS.

I hope I have been able to enlighten you about my work and its various components.  So convinced ? call on my services, don’t hesitate any longer !

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